Hableh Park for Children

 Hableh Community Committee’s coordinator, Saleem Odeh, was interviewed on October 27, 2014 on Palestine TV in the morning TV show. The interview followed the launching event of the campaign “Children without Childhood” that Hableh’s Community Committee is leading in the town of Hableh. Saleem spoke about the campaign and its objective as well as the launching event, which highlighted the need to rehabilitate Hableh’s park in order to provide a safe space for Hableh’s children to spend their time. Hableh’s Community Committee calls for rehabilitating the park as it is the only available place for children’s entertainment but it does not meet the safety requirements of such places. Saleem mentioned important key facts about the town of Hableh, i.e. being surrounded by the Apartheid Wall, where around 90% of Hableh’s lands are confiscated by it.

Saleem reflected on people’s reaction to the campaign: “The title of our campaign is ‘Yes to the Rehabilitation of Hableh’s Park’. We worked on two levels – the community level and decision making level. We visited schools and kindergartens. We published a brochure about the campaign/town. We contacted the Governorate of Qalqilya, the Ministry of Local Governance, Hableh Municipality, the Ministry of Education and the MDLF (Municipal Development and Lending Fund). We attained promises to provide the needed fund to rehabilitate the park starting from the beginning of 2015.”

Saleem also mentioned that the construction structure of the rehabilitated park takes into consideration the disabled children, as it will provide access to these children to attend the places for entertainment like other children.  In addition, Saleem said that around 1000 of Hableh’s children will benefit from this project. 


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