Media coverage for Tajaawob on Wheels event

Tajawob; a radio station on wheels


It is Palestine’s first mobile radio studio entitled "Your voice is heard." Its goal is to make bridges of communication between Palestinian citizens and their authorities. A renovated bus modified with all the equipment needed for a radio show.

Its interior looks like a meeting hall, where it is planned to have interactive meetings and exchanges between officials and the citizens to be broadcast live.

The concept of Tajawob and its origin is said to be inspired by the youth who wish to be heard in Palestinian society and make a difference. The idea was picked up and the initiative was created.

But Palestinian communities will not be the only benefactors of this project. The Palestinian media will also gain from this as a platform to cover more personal stories in the local news, making Tajawob a true aid for Palestinian journalists.

This bus will make a way for discussion and social accountability which could contribute to the empowerment of positive attitude among the citizens, and enhance government response towards social issues in a closer and more efficient manner and creating a better and more critical Palestinian community in an unprecedented form.

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