Tajaawob on Wheels First Visit

 On January 20, 2015, we had the first visit of the accountability bus “Tajaawob on Wheels” and it was to the village of Azzoun in order to discuss the issue of law academic achievement and violence in the educational system with Dr. Tharwat Zaid, General Manager of Educational Supervision at the Ministry of Education.


On the Bus


Two members of the committee accompanied Dr. Zaid in order to explain the issue and its importance to the village of Azzoun.


The discussion was broadcasted live on 24FM with Ehab Al-Jariri on the bus.


The committee prepared a presentation, which highlighted the following:

- Improving accountability mechanisms in the educational system to stop violence in schools and improve the level of academic achievement.

- Study cases about education in the schools of Azzoun.

- A suggested model from the local committee of Azzoun about the importance of community participation in solving educational problems and suggested mechanisms in solving these problems.


In addition, the Tajaawob short film about the local committee of Azzoun was presented in the bus to introduce the committee’s experience.


In Azzoun

An accountability session was held  with Dr. Zaid (with the presence of the Deputy Head at the Ministry of Education Office - Qalqilya) and members of the local community of Azzoun to discuss mechanisms of dealing with law academic achievement and violence in schools. Dr. Zaid suggested the formation of a committee from the local community to study these issues in depth and propose solutions to them. 

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