Khadamati Workshop Finalized with Water Supply and Sewerage Authority

 On 30th of September 2015, Tajaawob finalized the first Khadamati workshop with Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (WSSA) in Bethlehem. Khadamati is a social accountability mechanism that allows its users to view the water distribution points through an interactive map in the cities of Bethlehem and Doha. Khadamatis users are able to find out when will the water reach their homes in these targeted areas.


The workshop aimed to introduce the staff of WSSA to Khadamati and elaborate about the mechanisms by which it works in an effort to develop it, expand its partnerships, and its targeted beneficiaries. 


The workshop started with an introduction by Ismail Abu Arafeh, Tajaawob’s Program Manager, in which he stated that “Tajaawob is a program that aims to reinforce the concept of social accountability and bridge the gab between citizens and decision-makers.” He introduced the history of Tajaawob and the stages the program went through to reach its current state.


Awani Jubran, Public Relations Manager at WSSA, expressed that “WSSA is very interested in being involved in programs that serves that civil society including the partnership with Khadamati’s implementers in order to resolve issues related to the water sector.”


The workshop included introduction about Khadamati as it started as an initiative from the Transparency and Accountability Camp 2014 in Bethlehem. Anas Sarabta, the technical consultant of Khadamati, went through the technical developments of Khadamati and its media campaign components. Additionally, the workshop included open discussions about the prospects of Khadamati and recommendations for the improving it.


You can access Khadamati by visiting the website http://khadamati.ps or by downloading the application “Khadamati.”









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