Second Workshop on Khadamati Finalized

 On 27 October 2015, Tajaawob finalized the second Khadamati workshop with various civil society organizations in Bethlehem and the Municipality of Bethlehem in order to introduce Khadamti, discuss the means by which it can be developed, and expand the scope of beneficiaries.


Khadamati is a social accountability mechanism that allows its users to view the water distribution points through an interactive map in the cities of Bethlehem and Doha. Khadamati’s users are able to find out when will the water reach their homes in these targeted areas. In addition to providing electricity company announcements.


Amer Daraghmeh, Tajaawob Coordinator, initiated the workshop and stated that the second Khadamati workshop aimed to gather civil society organizations from Bethlehem and are interested in advocacy, lobbying, and social accountability in order to promote the importance of Khadamati and disseminate learning.


The workshop included introduction about Khadamati beginnings as an initiative from the Transparency and Accountability Camp 2014 in Bethlehem. Anas Sarabta, the technical consultant of Khadamati, went through the technical developments of Khadamati and its media campaign components. Additionally, the workshop included open discussions about the prospects of Khadamati and recommendations for improving it.


The open discussions illustrated the role of civil society organizations in promoting initiatives such as Khadamati. The workshop concluded with a number of recommendations from the participants such as raising awareness amongst citizens about the problems of water, ensuring the sustainability of Khadamati by adding municipality-recognized names of streets and locations on Khadamati map, and promoting Khadamati through the water bill to reach every individual in Bethlehem and Doha.


This is the second workshop in a series of three workshops planned to introduce Khadamati to the community of Bethlehem and Doha. The first workshop was held last month with staff members from the Water Supply and Sewerage Authority in Bethlehem.


You can access Khadamati by visiting the website http://khadamati.ps or by downloading the application “Khadamati.”





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