Small Projects Management Training

 Under the Tajaawob program, AMAN held training about Small Projects Managementfor the local committees of Tajaawob in Gaza in order to introduce them to the mechanism of implementing profitable small projects, which could lead to social coherence between citizens inside marginalized areas and reinforced resilience in these areas.


The training came as a product of efforts from the local committee in networking with various parties from the civil society and creating allies after the passing of two years on their advocacy campaign in Mughraqa and Malaha, which was presented in Tajaawob’s Expo attended by an array of civil society representatives and citizens.


Consultant trainer, Dr. Yaser Al-Alem, presented the 12-hour training as an honorary gift to the local committee implemented by AMAN. In the training, the participants were introduced to the mechanism of preparing small projects’ proposals and how to manage them effectively and successfully. The participants expressed their satisfaction on the quality of the training that will help them develop their personal skills in opportunity to change the quality of their lives for the better.


Since April 2013, Tajaawob partners (British Council, AMAN, and Palestinian Vision Organization), funded by Department for International Development (DIFD / UKAID), have been working together towards reinforcing the resilience of the Palestinian people in marginalized areas, and strengthening the relationship among local communities, civil society and decision-makers. 

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