Qalqiliya Tajaawob Local Committee Take Part Meeting to Develop Tourism

26-10-2015, Tajaawobs committee of Qalqiliya participated in a meeting to discuss the final preparations for the tourist plan to visit Wadi Qana in the Governorate of Qalqiliya. The meeting is part of the plan to develop the tourism sector in Qalqiliya, which was put together by the Tourism Development Committee in Qalqiliya.


The meeting was attended by Nihaya Afaneh representing Qalqiliya Municipality, Mufid Salah, Head of Tourism and Antiquities Office in Qalqiliya. Haya Nazzal and Heba Al-Deek from the Tourism and Antiquities Office, as well as Wael Al-Far from he local committee of Tajaawob.


Othman Dawod, Head of Qalqiliya Municipality praised the role of Tourism Development Committee in advancing the tourism sector in the governorate and their efforts to support it by reinforcing its existence on the Tourism map of Palestine through future activities and events, tourist pathways, tourist guide booklets, and maps.


The Head of Tourism and Antiquities Office in Qalqiliya thanked the Municipality of Qalqiliya for its support of the Tourism Development Committee stressing that teamwork and compiling efforts between various bodies will lead to reinforce the tourism sector in Qalqiliya.


The Tourism Development Committee was formed recently led by the governor of Qalqiliya, Rafe’ Rawajbeh, and includes memberships of Qalqiliya Municipality, Local Governorate Office, Tourism and Antiquities Office, Chamber of Commerce, Al-Quds Open University, Culture Office, Education Office, Media Office, Security, Agricultural Office, Tajaawob’s Qaqlqiliya Local Committee, and AMAN (from the NGO sector) in order to develop the tourist reality in the Governorate. The bylaws for this committee were recently adopted and approved. 

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