AMAN and the Ministry of Social Affairs Discuss Beneficiaries Forums

Collation for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) and the Ministry for Social Affairs (MoSA) organized an awareness raising workshop about the services provided by MoSA to the Beneficiaries Councils. The workshop took place on Thursday, November 26, in Ramallah with more than 60 members from the Beneficiaries councils from Qalqiliya, Nablus, and Bethlehem. The workshop comes with the efforts of MoSA and AMAN to establish the work of Beneficiaries Councils, which were formed last year as pilot to hold the ministry accountable for the services they deliver.


In the opening speech, Mr. Dawod Ad-Deek, Deputy Assistant of Planning Affairs in MoSA, expressed the importance of forming the Beneficiaries Councils considering that they are the voice of the citizens that receive services from the ministry noting that the ministry will be in touch with the needs of the citizens and will try to address these needs. He promised that the ministry will further develop its work and the work of its directorates towards less centralism. 


Mr. Majdi Abu Zaid, Executive Manager of AMAN, presented AMAN’s and Tajaawob’s vision towards the importance of practicing social accountability stressing that anyone in a position of authority must be held accountable in front of people especially that the Palestinian People are in the forefront of nations that finance the public treasury according to international statistics. He also highlighted the importance of responsiveness to the needs to marginalized categories and addressing their needs in order to reinforce their resilience in the open confrontations with the occupation thanking MoSA for their collaboration and constant open mindedness referring to the importance of sharing the experience.


In order to raise the awareness of the beneficiaries about their legal rights, representatives from the ministry presented presentations about MoSA’s offered services, aid programs, money transfers, services for people with disabilities, and social rehabilitation centers.  


On the other hand, beneficiaries expressed their happiness to participate in the workshop because it gave them the opportunity to learn about the services, voice their questions and suggestions that were welcomed and answered from MoSA representatives.



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