Ministry of Social Affairs Answers Beneficiaries Questions in Qalqiliya

 Ministry of Social Affairs Answers Beneficiaries Questions in Qalqiliya


On October 29, the Collation for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN) held a community meeting in the city of Qalqiliya with the attendance of more than 20 members form the Beneficiaries Forms including members from Azzoun and Habla, President of Social Affairs Directorate in Qalqiliya, Mr. Yehya Al-Jayousi, and representative from the Tajaawob program.


Viola Attallah, AMAN’s Project Manager of Tajaawob, opened the meeting welcoming the audience and setting the framework of the workshop, which aimed to create dialogue between beneficiaries and the Social Affairs Directorate, illustrate the problems facing the beneficiaries, and attempt to overcome these problems through the responsiveness of the Social Affairs in an effort to reinforce the concept of social accountability that bridges the gap between citizens and decision-makers.


Meeting’s facilitator, Asad Abdel Aziz, emphasized the importance of Beneficiaries Councils, which were established to represent all of the beneficiaries in their areas and introduce their problems and needs to the Ministry of Social Affairs. Consequently, many difficulties were presented in the workshop including lack of information related to the aid program provided by the ministry, merit mechanism, aid deduction conditions, and lack of knowledge concerning laws regulating the work of social affairs, rights of beneficiaries, and the type aid provided for them.  

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