Info-graphics Workshop in Qalqiliya

 On December 8, Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision), under the Tajaawob Program, held an introductory workshop in Bethlehem Governorate Hall to discuss the Palestinian Villages Info-graphics, which is a social accountability mechanism created as a data base addressing the issues and needs of local communities. Deputy Governor, Mohamed Taha Abu Alia, and Head of General Affairs in Qalqiliya Governorate, Rafe' Rawagbeh , in addition to Tajaawob’s coordinator, Alaa Saffouri and representatives from various governmental bodies, universities, and NGOs attended the workshop.


The workshop aimed to introduce the info-graphics and means of future development as a social accountability tool. Saffouri presented the content of the info-graphics illustrating the numbers and statistics included in the info-graphic about 24 villages in the Governorate of Qalqiliya especially in the framework of advocacy and lobbying. Saffouri emphasized that the info-graphics are an illustrative tool presented in an easy-to-use, creative and simple design.


Saffouri indicated that the info-graphics could be interactive and simple reference for researchers and students regarding the priorities and needs of local communities. Moreover, the info-graphics are a tool to increase social accountability through building bridges between decision-makers and citizens in marginalized communities by empowering them to hold authorities responsible in order to improve their difficult living conditions.


Amer Daraghmeh, PalVision’s South Coordinator, said that Tajaawob seeks to reinforce the concept of social accountability in four governorates (Bethlehem, Aghwar, Qalqiliya, and Jerusalem), in a way that serves the basic needs and priorities in these Palestinian Governorates in the future. Daraghmeh emphasized that the data and information are integral elements in the work of Tajaawob as the program supports a professional evidence-based approach in conducting advocacy and lobbying campaigns for social change.


Participants in the workshop invited PalVision to expand the data and information as well as present recommendations that are related to the needs and priorities of the targeted communities.

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