Citizen Report Card (CRC) on Solid Waste Measuring Change

 Citizen Report Card (CRC) on Solid Waste

Measuring Change


Collation for Integrity and Accountability “AMAN,” organized a workshop on “CRC on the Solid Waste in the Governorate of Qalqiliya” in the Youth Development Center – Qalqiliya Club with representatives from the Qalqiliya Municipality, Azzoun, Hableh, members from Tajaawob’s local committees in the mentioned area, representatives from the Joint Services Council, and AMAN’s Tajaawob staff.


The workshop comes in the context of measuring the change that happened due to Tajaawob’s intervention. The CRC represents a post-evaluation to measure citizen’s satisfaction on solid waste services and the improvement on this particular service. The first CRC for solid waste in Qalqiliya was implemented two years ago followed by an advocacy campaign highlighting the recommendations that were produced.


Ahmed Al-Hejawai, the researcher who led the workshop illustrated the importance of using this tool that reinforces social accountability for decision-makers and service-providers. He stressed the importance of applying all social accountability circles including pre and post questionnaires and advocacy campaigns. Moreover, Al-Hejawai presented the content of the CRC and the mechanisms of distribution and filling in the information by the citizens of the targeted area.


The representatives from the local committees, as the social researchers who will be responsible for filling in the CRCs, demonstrated the challenges that encountered them during the pre questionnaire. A discussion to deal with these obstacles and mitigate the risks was highlighted during the workshop.


At the end of the workshop, the CRC questionnaires were distributed to the social researchers in order to be filled in by the end of the week. It is expected to hold a meeting with senior level management from the Qalqiliya, Azzoun, and Hableh Municipalities next month to present the findings and recommendations of this CRC in order to develop the solid waste services in the future.


The workshop was implemented under the Tajaawob program in partnership with the British Council and Palestinian Vision Organization, and funded by Department for International Development (Ukaid).   

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