Third Generation Law Short Film and Study Launch

 Third Generation Law Short Film and Study Launch


On 17 December, 2015, Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision) launched a short film and study of the Third Generation Law at the YWCA in Jerusalem. The Law consumed by the Israeli Occupation aims to furtherance cement the Judaization policies in Jerusalem, especially in the Old City, where the Israeli Occupation sought to circumvent the residents of the city of Jerusalem by passing laws targeting certain issues that cannot be dealt with unless a legal framework is set in place.

The ceremony began with a screening of the Third Generation short film, which included interviews with Jerusalemite families threatened by the law. The film focused on the opinions of individuals directly affected by the law, and then researcher Khalil Tufkaji gave a presentation on the Third Generation study that he prepared, under the supervision of PalVision. The study explains the Israeli legal structure that supports the displacement of Palestinians from their home as part of an overall strategy.  He also elaborated on the dangers of the third generation law and prospects for solutions. The launch event was concluded with Q&A discussion.

Additionally, Tufkaji illustrated that "we are unable to protect Palestinians affected by the third generation law since it’s cemented in a legal framework. Therefore, after the death of the third generation resident, the property will be transferred directly to the Jewish owner/Israeli government, without the ability to counter this law, even with the presence of lawyers". Through the imposition of such laws, Jerusalem and the Jerusalemites have little resources to fight these unjust and discriminatory laws.

The discussion during the launch focused on the awareness factor in regard to the third generation law. Many people in Jerusalem, especially the Old City, are not aware of the third generation law as threat for Palestinian properties in city. It is essential to highlight this issue and bring it to the forefront of international organizations’ agendas.

The supervisor of the study and Tajaawob’s Coordinator, Alaa Saffouri, emphasized "shedding the light on new Israeli laws and raising awareness of Israeli violations concerning Human Rights and International Humanitarian Laws.”

Finally, the discussion during the launch event elaborated  on Israel’s imposition of difficulties on Palestinians daily lives in Jerusalem without a tangible role for the Palestinian Authority in Jerusalem as these Israeli practices aim to change the Palestinian space in Jerusalem and displace Palestinians.

The third generation law is a campaign implemented by Tajaawob’s local committee in Jerusalem. Tajaawob aims to bridge the gap between Palestinian citizens and decision makers through the promotion of two-way accountability and responsibility. The program provides opportunities for meetings between community groups and representatives of official service providers.

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