“Faz3a” Application Launch

 “Faz3a” Application Launch

Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision), under Tajaawob Program, launched a new application named “Faz3a,” which is a social accountability mechanism that allows local communities to upload their main concerns and problems using a “petition” format with multimedia options then collect a predetermined number of signatures in order to launch an advocacy campaign targeting responsible decision-makers. Campaigns can be adopted by various interested CSOs, CBOs, grassroots, and activist groups. Faza’a is available as a smart phone application (IOS & Android) in addition to a website platform on http://faz3a.ps/.

After sending the petition, Faz3a management studies the problem and gives the approval of this petition in order to confirm the existence of the problem in the community. The petition will be uploaded on Faz3a and after the required amount of signatures is collected and various media efforts, the petition should be adopted by actors in the civil society or by activist and volunteer groups in the form of lobbying and advocacy campaigns.

Faz3a will be used to strengthen the role of social accountability by highlighting the problems and issues that affect the community as a whole and establishing clear and specific goals for the future advocacy campaigns. Palestinians from across the West Bank and Gaza Strip create a petition through Faz3a.

Faz3a was a product of the ICT Accountability and Transparency Camp, which was held in Bethlehem Governorate with the participation of 25 youth form the ICT field. The camp focused on introducing the concepts of accountability and transparency through the utilization of ICT innovative tools as a mean for bridging the gap between communities and the decision-makers.

Tajaawob aims to bridge the gap between Palestinian citizens and decision makers through the promotion of two-way accountability and responsibility. The program provides opportunities for meetings between community groups and representatives of official service providers.Tajaawob is implemented in partnership with the British Council and the Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN), and funded by UKaid.


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