Hearing Session: Rights of People with Disabilities

 Hearing Session: Rights of People with Disabilities

Coalition for Integrity and Accountability (AMAN) organized a hearing session on 11 March 2016, about the rights of people disabilities in Qalqilya. Mr. Mohamed Rashid, the person in charge of people with of disabilities’ file in Ministry of Social Affairs (MoSA) attended the hearing session. He elaborated on the services provided by MoSA in relation to people with disabilities such as scholarships, economic support and loans, indicating the conditions and criteria for application, the obligations and aspirations for the development of this category in the future. Rashid heard the participants’ opinions and requests on a number of issues and promised to work on it and follow up with them on progress and achievement of these commitments. AMAN, on the other hand, will publish a number of studies on cases discussed in the session.

The audience expressed a lack of awareness in regard to the rights of people with disabilities and their families as well as the conditions to qualify for receiving these services. Rashid did not only clarify these services and conditions, but also provided directions for some cases in order to take advantages of already existing programs.

He referred to the lack of knowledge among social workers in programs provided for people with disabilities and their lack of ability to direct people towards appropriate available programs. Rashid explained the need to differentiate amongst the major programs that provided in terms of nature and conditions. Additionally, he addressed some issues that were prevented from taking advantage of existing programs due to lack of awareness or negligence from the social workers responsible for these cases.

Moreover, Rashid and the group of participants visited the village of Azzoun through Tajaawob on Wheels in Tajaawob, which is broadcasted through 24FM Radio. The most prominent commitment of the discussion was to study the demands of the local committee in Azzoun for establishing a rehabilitation center while providing rehabilitation expertise.

This activity is implemented in partnership with Palestinian Vision Organization and the British Council, and funded by UKaid.


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