Through a community-based Advocacy Campaign Town of Hableh Opens Resource Room in Girls School

 Through a community-based Advocacy Campaign

 Town of Hableh Opens Resource Room in Girls School


Under the Tajaawob Program, the town of Hableh opened a resource room in Hableh Elementary Girls School in the presence of Qalqiliya’s deputy Governor, Col. Hussam Abu Hamdeh, President of Education Office in Qalqiliya, Na’ela Fahmaoui Odeh, President of Hableh Municipality, Rida Odeh, Palestinian Vision Organization’s (PalVision) South Coordinator, Amer Daraghmeh, the school’s principle, Kefah Odeh, Tajaawob’s local committee coordinator in Hableh, Salim Odeh, and other representatives from the local community.


Salim Odeh, Tajaawob Committee’s Coordinator, gave an introduction of Tajaawob illustrating the campaigns of the committee and the mechanism of implementation as well as community partnerships that reflected positive relationships in Hableh. He thanked the supporters of the committee and Tajaawob’s partners. He also explained that the resource room existed before in cooperation between Hableh Municipality and YMCA but Tajaawob committee completed the work by equipping the room with educational tools on one hand and advocating for hiring a teacher by the Ministry of Education on the other hand.


Qalqiliya Deputy Governor, Col. Hussam Abu Hamdeh discussed the challenges that faces the Palestinian people in its path to state building stressing that such achievements will be the foundation for building our institutions. He confirmed that the Governorate will support community-based initiatives thanking Tajaawob’s partners, Hableh Municipality, Education Office, and Tajaawob’s local committee for their efforts in advancing the educational situation describing it as a tool to resist the occupation and its unjust practices.


The President of Hableh Municipality praised the efforts put forward by Tajaawob’s partners in supporting the municipality thanking the local committee for its three campaigns; rehabilitating Hableh’s public park, installing security cameras to maintain the safety of public spaces, and the recourse room campaign in Hableh’s Elementary Girls School stressing the municipality’s commitment to full support of the local committee.


Na’ela Fahmaoui, President of Education Office in Qalqiliya illustrated the importance of community partnerships in the town of Hableh thanking all parties for their contentious support in schools and to the educational process is an interrelated one. She highlighted that the existence of resource rooms in schools is very significant promising to reach out to the Ministry of Education in order to hire a teacher for the resource room.


During the opening, live interview were conducted through Tajaawob on Wheels and a TV episode was recorded which will broadcasted later. Additionally, the school’s “Zahrat” band performed an art segment.


Tajaawob program is implemented by PalVision in partnership with the British Council and the Collation for Integrity and Accountability AMAN, and funded by Ukaid. It aims to raise the voice of marginalized communities and bridging the gap between decision-makers and citizens through the promotion of social accountability.


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