Training on “Fund Raising Prospects: the Myths, the Facts, and the Way Forward”

 Training on “Fund Raising Prospects: the Myths, the Facts, and the Way Forward”


Palestinian Vision Organization (PalVision), held a training last Thursday and Friday entitled “Fund Raising Prospects: the Myths, the Facts, and the Way Forward” in Bethlehem. The training targeted the local committees within Tajaawob from Qalqiliya City, Hableh, Azzoun, Um Salamona, Jerusalem, and Furush Beit Dajan. This training is the final training in the series of trainings held throughout the last three years of Tajaawob. It aimed to introduce local committees to the prospects of funding in order to ensure the prospects of sustainability for their work.

The two-day training discussed many themes. During the first day, the training elaborated in corporate social responsibility in addition to individual, diaspora and local communities funding as well as governmental funding. In the second day, the training illustrated important fund raising aspects including institutional fundraising, approaching key institutional funders operating in Palestine per sector, writing proposals that can win, and building sustainability into the work.

35 members of Tajaawob’s local committees participated in the training led by trainer Nidal Ewidat where they were engaged through several interactive activities tackling the concept of fund raising. The local committees were keen on reinforcing their connections as this is the last training under the Tajaawob program.

Amer Daraghmeh, the training’s coordinator, said that “this last training is an important training in regard to the ideas that it presents for the benefit of the local committees after the end of Tajaawob to better establish the committees and build on the expertise they acquired in an attempt to sustain the developmental work and practice of social accountability targeting decision-makers.” He added, “We hope that the local committees will build on their three years experience and not waste their efforts.”

The local committees under Tajaawob were formed as social accountability mechanisms. The program is implemented in partnership with PalVision, the Collation for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN), and the British Council, and funded by UKaid.


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