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Through partnerships with 5 radio stations across the West Bank and Gaza, Tajaawob has built capacity of journalists to report on issues facing marginalized communities. Our fortnightly radio show ‘Tajaawob’ is a joint broadcast between Alwan in Gaza, Raya FM, Bethlehem 2000, Angham and Radio El Mahabeh. It considers one major issue each episode and highlights these in Tajaawob communities, eliciting decision maker and citizen perceptions on the topic.
Reports from each of the Tajaawob communities. Members of service providers, authorities and other power holders are invited to respond to service issues raised by communities. The show then follows up on any promised made .
During the crisis in Gaza, one of the radio journalists visited Moghraqa community and reported from the ‘front line’ - giving this beleaguered community a rare chance to describe to the outside world the terror and atrocities they are experiencing.
Themes addressed in 5 first episodes:

-Overview of Tajaawob and its communities
-Basic services provided to citizens
-Water services
-Health services

Hur El Kalam

Hur el Kalam is a TV debate show which means 'free to speak‘. It travels around the major cities and towns of the Palestinian Territories, while audiences from the diaspora community and Gaza contribute via satellite, Skype, social media and phone. An episode of Hur El Kalam

Media Relations Training

BBC Media Action trains journalists, representatives from the authorities, Tajaawob community committees and CALP participants in how to handle the media, how best to get your story across and practical aspects of interviewing.
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