Advocacy Cycles


Supported by Tajaawob the communities are working on specific advocacy goals over two four-month cycles in 2014 /15

Qalqilya city wants to be awarded ‘City of Tourism 2015’ and to place the Qalqilya Zoo on the list of tourist sites in Palestine,. “We feel that Qalqilya has always been marginalized even if it is the only district that has a zoo and therefore one of the most significant tourist sites.”
Hableh wants to rehabilitate and renovate the playground in the village as part of a ‘Green Hableh’ initiative. "Ultimately, we want to turn our village's playground into an inviting place for our children and their families in Hableh and in neighboring villages,“
Azzoun is concerned to improve educational attainment for boys. "We want to improve the quality of education in our village's schools through accountability," he explains. "This means involving all relevant parties from schools, to the village council and all the way to the education directorate, in order to improve the quality of our educational system and therefore improve our students' academic achievement."
Frush Beit Dajan is campaigning for a just allocation of clean water. To date, the community does not have its own water supply and the local wadis have dried up because of settler usage. Most of the community have to leave the village each summer due to the water shortage.
Um Salamona community is advocating for additional classrooms at the high school so that children from grades 10-12, particularly girls, can continue being educated in the village instead of risking travel through settler land to a school in a neighboring village.
Mograqa/Malalaha is advocating to reduce child labour. A new advocacy cycle will further identify community priorities that the committee will work on, advocating relevant stakehodlers to realize the needs and priorities of the community.
Um Salamona Land day, attended by the Minister for Land, the Governor of Bethlehem and many Tajaawob communities 2014
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