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Tajaawob is implemented by the British Council with Palestinian Vision ‎Organization (PalVision), and Coalition for Accountability and Integrity (AMAN), ‎and in partnership with Oxfam GB.  It is funded by the UK Department for ‎International Development (DFID). Tajaawob aims to bridge the gap between ‎Palestinian citizens and decision makers through the promotion of two-way ‎accountability and responsibility. The programme provides opportunities for ‎meetings between community groups and representatives of official service ‎providers.‎

This takes place by building the capacities of citizens to enable them to practice their civic responsibilities, using appropriate methods and mechanisms to facilitate constructive dialogue with the authorities. The programme also provides training opportunities in civic participation, citizenship, good governance, advocacy and lobbying, and engaging with the media. Over the course of the programme, we have provided support to local communities in Furush Beit Dajan in the Jordan Valley, Um Salamona village in Bethlehem Governorate, Al-Migraka in Gaza City, and Qalqiliya City, Habla, Azzoun in Qalqiliya Governorate, and Jerusalem. 

Participants proceeded to become active members of their respective communities, and proved themselves capable of engaging and communicating with authorities and relevant stakeholders to improve the provision of services.

The programme targets 4,400 direct beneficiaries through the creation of various local committees and the introduction of mechanisms to directly address authorities and non-governmental organisations. A further 600,000 individuals are engaged through social media, radio, and television. 


Componants of the Tajaawob Programme: 

Local Committees 

Tajaawob's local committees are an important component in reinforcing the concepts of advocacy and social accountability in Palestine. Tajaawob works with the members of these local committees by building their capacities in implementing advocacy campaigns in order to enhance their living conditions by demanding better services from the authorities. Currently, Tajaawob has seven local committees working in implementing various campaigns in Habla, Azzoun, Qalqiliya City, Furush Beit Dajan, Um Salamona, Jerusalem, Gaza (Khuza'a). 



Transparency and Accountability Camps

Tajaawob strives to increase accountability in Palestine by applying innovative approaches including affordable technologies that can help to bridge information gaps and open new venues for dialogue between citizens and authorities. Tajaawob believes that when ICTs and advocacy are combined with social accountability approaches, can enhance efforts to improve monitoring of service delivery in society at large. Therefore, Tajaawob held two Transparency and Accountability Camps in Bethlehem and Gaza with 20 ICT students from each location aiming to identify new technologies that can enhance Tajaawob’s efforts in developing mechanisms for citizen feedback to authorities as means to increasing accountability.  The two camps produced three innovative youth initiatives; Faza’a and Khadamati in Bethlehem and the electricity initiative in Gaza. 



Campaign and Leadership Programme (CALP)

As part of Tajaawob, Oxfam runs a six-month executive advocacy and leadership programme in Arabic for Palestinian professionals and activists. The programme will develop their advocacy and campaigning skills. Over the course of six months, CALP participants will have access to bi-monthly mentoring and training opportunities tailored to their advocacy goals. 

CALP starts with an intensive classroom learning experience and ends with a similar training module (i.e. in August 2014 and February 2015). In between the two classroom learning experiences, participants will benefit from various training and mentoring sessions to enable them to make best use of the skills and knowledge they acquired during the training. This will enable them to develop and implement advocacy campaigns in practice.



Tajaawob on Wheels 

“Tajaawob on Wheels” is a new initiative designed to bridge the divide between citizens and authorities. It is a non-traditional accountability mechanism that gives advocacy and responsiveness a physical shape. Facilitated by Tajaawob, Palestinian Vision - in partnership with 24FM holds interactive accountability sessions in a specially designed minivan, where citizens and authorities meet together to discuss specific issues and problems facing communities. This promotes problem-solving through increased responsiveness of authorities and improved engagement of citizens.

“Tajaawob on Wheels” is intended to be generator of change! It is offered to Palestinian citizens and their authorities as a mobile accountability bridge, with the hope that it will bring them closer together, contribute to increasing citizens’ public engagement and improving authorities’ responsiveness. 



Beneficiaries Councils 

In cooperation with  Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) and within Tajawob project; AMAN did work to create beneficiary councils (BC) as an social accountability tool; aiming to arise the voice of citizens to decision makers in order to improve the services and enhance policy changes, in addition to the evaluation to the MOSA`s services within integrity and transparency. BC considered being an advocacy tool presented by people against decision makers. Three councils were formed in Bethlahem, Nablus and Qalqilya. The council’s members were get awareness and got the chance of capacity buildings in order to practice social accountability tools and implement advocacy campaigns. It was planned to conduct campaign on publishing cash transfer criteria. 

Nowadays AMAN is working in cooperation with its partners to transfer this experience into Gaza strip to perform a beneficiary council in AL-Meghraqa and Malalha and refurbishment of its members.


Parents Council 

Within Tajawob project and in cooperation with Ministry of Education (MOE) it was planned to empower the role of parents councils to participate in social accountability aiming to arise the education level in Palestine and to exchange the ideas and experience between the parents and schools managements in order to improve and develop the education policies that goes with the students` needs. 

Within the aiming of the institutionalization, AMAN will work on signing an agreement with MOE and planning to target the parents in the targeted areas in Gaza Strip and West bank.



Palestinian Villages Infographics

The Palestinian Villages Infographics targets marginalized villages in the Jordan Valley, Bethlehem, Qalqilia and Jerusalem Governorates. They consist of illustrative designs and data put together in a creative, simple and easy to use style. Tajaawob belives that information and data are important components of advocacy processes. Therefore, the infographics were created to support a professional evidence-based approach to be used by citizens in campaigning for positive social change. 



Citizens Report Cards 

Citizen Report Cards (CRC) are public accountability mechanisms based on citizen surveys of the performance and quality of government services. It allows citizens to monitor state performance. In addition to Provide quantitative information from the perspective of public service users which can help government agencies make changes and improve service.

Within Tajawob Programme, The Coalition for Accountability and Integrity – AMAN in cooperation with local committees prepared many CRCs on several services in the target areas, as an example garbage service in Qalqilya, environment and public health in Meghraqa, water and sanitation in Malalha. We aim to develop CRC on justice service in Qalqilya Court in the near future besides executing several advocacy campaigns according to the results of the questionnaires.

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